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Capturing amazing moments in nature throughout the Netherlands, showcasing the diversity and beauty of dutch wildlife.

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Explore and enjoy the most beautiful parts of dutch nature. Wildlife Holland aims at increasing popularity of the vast diversity and beauty of dutch wildlife.


Learn more about nature and stay up to date with the latest news regarding dutch wildlife. You will not miss out on any interesting sightings.

Explore Dutch Wildlife

Enjoy the beautiful parts of nature the Netherlands has to offer.

Dutch Farmlands

The Netherlands is well known for its agriculture, forming vast areas of farmland. This results in ecosystems for meadow birds and other animals thriving in this landscape.

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Dutch Forests

Roughly 10% of dutch landscape consists of forests. These deciduous forests are home to a variety of animals, including: deer, boars, foxes, woodpeckers and many more.

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Dutch Water Areas

With over 6000 kilometers of canals and rivers, Holland is very rich in water. These waters are home to a large group of water birds and other animals.

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